December Flights To Manila For Cheap In 2014

If anyone is still searching for a budget airfare to Manila for departure on December 2014 and return on January 2015, we have recently received an announcement of a new itinerary to Manila for those dates.

During our search just recently, for example for a departure before Christmas coming back on the 3rd week of January, the published airfare is just C$1,328 – very cheap considering the booking time, which is today (May 1, 2014) compared to other airlines regularly flying to Manila.

The airline contract is very restricted, though, much like what most U.S. airlines have in place.

The sample itinerary above will have a stop-over in China but without any U.S. stops.

To learn more about the restrictions of this new airline seat sale in December or to book, you may call (416)803-6316 or (780)328-6644.

DEADLINED: Airline may cancel seat sale without notice.